Arahan baru selepas kelonggaran PKP mulai 4.05.2020

With the partial easing of the movement control order (MCO) beginning 04.05.2020 and our prioritization of safety, here are some of our Petron Dang Wangi Service Station activities to follow:

Some of our Petron Dang Wangi Service Station Activities to follow are:

▪️To check customer body temperature before entering Mart. (Customer with above 37.5’C to decline politely)

▪️To place sanitizer at cashier counter & mart entrance before customer enters.

▪️CSA to offer customer hand sanitizer at forecourt.

▪️Station to enforce max customer headcount inside mart

▪️ Station to provide waiting box/line to ensure customers practice 1meter distancing at mart entrance, payment counter and ATM (if applicable)

▪️Customer to wear face mask before entering mart

▪️ Do not turn off OPTs overnight

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